How My Journey Began...


I was first introduced to crystals about 8 years ago. A friend of mine I had met through work had gotten into candles after being gifted a few from her friend. When she came to stay with me after being down on her luck, we took a trip to a metaphysical store called Alchemy Arts in Chicago and fell in love!

While she had purchased candles before, this was my first time in an Alchemy store in a really long time and I had never purchased candles. That day she bought a Good Luck candle, a Road Opener and a House blessing candle for me. These were the glass encased candles that burn for 7 days.

Naturally I was intrigued, but it also brought back what seemed like repressed memories or maybe memories from a past life where I had experienced dressing candles and spell casting before. Being that my family is from New Orleans it could be either of the two or both. My interest only grew from there. I started checking out other stores, meditating, doing yoga and just enlightening myself.

My first set of crystals were purchased shortly thereafter from the Ruby Room in Chicago. It was a creative kit that included a Tangerine point, an Ametrine, Garnet and a Clear Quartz I think. I had no idea what to do with them at the time but I was excited to learn and that's how my healing journey began!


Love & Light,

The Regal Phoenix

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