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Shungite Tile: XL 4" Square, Anti Radiation, EMF Protection

Shungite EMF Protection tiles - extra large 4" square and about 1/4" thick! Polished one side but please note the marks on the material surface are natural - this is how it comes! When handled you there may be a black residue that comes off when you touch it- this is due to the high carbon content - but it easily washes off your skin with water. Again, this is normal!

This rare and beautiful black crystal comes from Russia and is also known as the 'Stone of Life'. Shungite has a very wide variety of uses, including emf protection, and in this context is used to absorb negative energy and electromagnetic radiation. The stone is used extensively around many devices but is especially useful with cell phones. Many uses for this tile - most often a cell phone can be rested on it when not in use and the Shungite plate will help to neutralize the radiation coming from the device.

Tiles shown are for illustration as these are natural items please expect some variance from item to item. Tiles supplied will be very similar but not identical.