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🌕 Our First Full Moon of the Year!

🌕 Our First Full Moon of the Year!

On January 25, 2024 at 12:54 p.m. ET the moon will reach its full peak for the first time this year in the sign of Leo! The first full moon of the year is typically known as the Wolf Moon because January is thought to be the time when wolves are most vocal in the winter. 🐺 This is also the last Full Moon before Lunar New Year, which begins February 9.

It’s no coincidence that in numerology, 2024 equals an eight year and the Tarot Card for this year is Strength, the ruling card of Leo.

The sign that the full moon falls in lends its energy to the collective consciousness. At its highest vibration; Leo is pure creativity, allowing expression for the express purpose of joy, and unburdened by expectation or judgment. 

This full Wolf Moon offers an opportune moment to define your goals and aspirations for the year. Unlike typical full moons that may evoke drama, January's wolf moon encourages overcoming repressed fears and insecurities to unlock your full potential.

In a spiritual sense, the wolf moon of January 2024 encourages a more profound connection with your authentic self, instilling the bravery to explore unfamiliar territories and venture beyond the confines of your comfort zone as you set out on a fresh 12-month journey.

So how will you harness the power of this wolf moon’s magic?

Since full moon energy starts flowing 3 days before, I have already begun my full moon ritual by blessing my Spiritual bath salt, & charging my crystals outside under the moonlight. I have been fully dedicated to my daily rituals like starting my morning with prayer, yoga & journaling and ending my day the same way.

If you intend on taking advantage of this magical full moon energy, leave a comment and let me know what your plans are!

You know, write the vision and make it plain…

I’ll be your accountability partner this year as we do our best to stay consistent with our self care practices and being mindful of our energy.

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