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Allow Me to Introduce Myself via Social Media

Allow Me to Introduce Myself via Social Media

So I recently realized, I have never properly introduced myself to our Social Media Followers! So below is the post that kicked off my "Allow Me to Re-introduce Myself" Series.

Everyday this week I will be telling a little bit about why I started this business and some of the challenges we've faced. Next Sunday I will be going live on IG to tell the full story the way I have on some of my podcast interviews!

I will also post the posts here in my blog in case you guys are interested.

Thank you for checking out my website and raising your vibes with us!

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So I recently realized, I have never properly introduced myself to our Followers! So let me fix that, come correct and introduce myself now. 
 Welcome Everyone! My name is Sharena Loggins and I am the Founder of The Regal Phoenix. I am also a Wife, Mother of 5, Reiki Master, Crystal Alchemist, Real Estate Broker and just all around Dope Soul! I created The Regal Phoenix to share the healing power of crystals with the world. What essentially began as just a way for me to share my gifts with my friends became a mission of helping others along their spiritual journey and spreading the message that we need to heal in order to live a life of peace & abundance. The Regal Phoenix is your source for: 🌟Genuine healing crystal kits infused with Reiki 🌟Ethically sourced white sage bundles & smudge kits 🌟Reiki infused intention candles
🌟Quality metaphysical supplies &
🌟Dope Apparel to match your vibes We recognize the loneliness you may feel when you first began your spiritual awakening and we are here to support you on your journey! Feel free to inquire with us via email at if you have any questions before purchasing crystals. 

Check out today to find the quality spiritual tools you need to bring you the peace and happiness you deserve 💖 Thank you for following 🤗💖

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