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Allow Moon Magic to transform your life this Harvest Season!

Allow Moon Magic to transform your life this Harvest Season!

There is a common belief in many cultures that working rituals during the different moon phases can bring about physical or psychological change or transformation. These rituals have historically occurred on or around the full moon but depending on the traditions handed down in your culture, the new moon may be just as important.

Today, I am teaching you about the moon phases and how to work with them to transform your life. A Lunar Cycle begins with the New Moon so I decided to start this series now because it's Harvest Season!

October's New Moon falls on Saturday 
October 14, 2023 which is my Father's Birthday!

I'm so excited for this New Moon because I know my Daddy is going to help me bring some major manifestations into fruition in this season!

As I plan and prep for my rituals, I was inspired to bring you along on the journey!

During a new moon, the moon appears dark or blank from the sky, symbolizing a blank slate for us to visualize and set goals and intentions! During new moons, the energy in the atmosphere encourages dreaming about what you would like to invite into your reality. Research which sign the new moon occurs in and which house it lands in within your house on your birthchart - this is the foundation that is particularly powerful for new beginnings.

This is the time of the month to get EXCITED about the possibilities of your future! Don't worry about the how and the details just yet; simply allow your heart to dream and use your imagination to see 👁

This Moon Phase is ideal for:

  • Visualizing your dreams
  • Setting intentions towards your goals
  • Making a vision board
  • Journaling about your dreams
  • Imagining what is possible
  • Going inward to reflect on your innermost goals, dreams and desires

On October 14, a solar eclipse and new moon in Libra kick off a six-month cycle of growth and expansion.

We have a rare opportunity to easily make lasting changes in our lives with true peace and harmony as the end result. But in true Libra fashion, we must learn to balance the positives and negatives—the dark and the light.

Balance is required to realize your vision, along with commitment and effort. In re-balancing our wants, needs & desires, we can recognize that when we flow in our highest frequency we can achieve any and everything!

I hope this information resonates with you and encourages you to take action this week and next weekend during the New Moon!

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I plan to enter 2024 Happy, Healthy and more Wealthy and I hope you do too!



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