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April 2023 Full Moon in Libra: Pink Moon, Paschal Moon

April 2023 Full Moon in Libra: Pink Moon, Paschal Moon

On the night of Wednesday April 5th we will experience a powerful Full Moon in the sign of Libra. It will reach peak illumination at 12:37 A.M. EDT on the 6th!

Traditionally called the Pink Moon, this full Moon is also the Paschal full Moon this year. The Pink Moon, doesn't actually appear pink in color, however, the name comes from the blooming of pink phlox flowers that typically happen here in the Spring. The Pink Moon symbolizes the beauty and renewal of spring, and it's a time to harness its energy for spiritual growth and personal development.

The Paschal Full Moon is an important Moon to those who celebrate Easter, since Easter’s date depends on the date of the Paschal Moon.

This Full Moon will highlight the importance of communication, compromise, and teamwork in our relationships. It will also bring attention to any imbalances or inequalities in our partnerships and encourage us to address them in a fair and respectful manner.

To properly harness this energy, you must understand the spiritual meaning of the April 2023 full Pink Moon so you can close this chapter on a high note.

Spiritual Meaning

As the cardinal air sign of the zodiac, Libra is governed by commitment, partnerships and togetherness and is essentially a charming, social and fairly balanced sign. It is all about actively seeking ways to relate and build connections with others.

The Pink Moon in Libra represents balance and harmony. During this phase, the positive energy of the Libra is expected to be felt as people tend to be compassionate and productive as well as strive to foster togetherness.

This Venus ruled sign is all about upholding justice and equality, which will highlight the desire to treat people fairly, and get the same treatment in return. As a result, the full Pink Moon is bound to highlight the balance (or lack thereof) in your relationship dynamics, calling for you to make any adjustments to keep the scales from tipping too far in one direction.

This is a time to focus on finding a balance between our personal needs and the needs of others. We can use this energy to strengthen our relationships and partnerships by communicating effectively and working together to find common ground. This is your cosmic reminder that you can achieve extraordinary things with people by your side to cheer you on.

This Full Moon also encourages us to let go of old grudges and resentments and forgive those who have wronged us. By doing so, we can free ourselves from negative energy and move forward with a renewed sense of peace and clarity.

How to Harness the Energy of the Full Moon

The Libra-ruled house of your birth chart is where you seek fairness, grace, and consonance, and as this full moon takes place on April 6, important themes in this area of your life will be revealed. If you’ve been leaning too far into hyper-independence, expect this to be a period of revelation, specifically when it comes to how you balance your autonomy with the human need for connection. Support from others is vital; just because you *can* survive on your own, doesn’t mean you have to. If you’ve got people who are eager to be by your side, create space for them.

A great way to harness the energy of the Pink Moon is through meditation and visualization. Find a quiet and comfortable space, prepare it first by smudging (cleansing) and protecting your area. Our Essentials Kit contains everything you need to properly complete your smudging ritual.

Next, light a pink candle or some incense, and focus your attention on your breath. Imagine yourself surrounded by a warm, pink light that fills you with love, compassion, and inner peace. Allow this light to expand outwards, enveloping everyone around you with its healing energy. You can also set intentions for personal growth and healing during this meditation, visualizing them manifesting in your life over the coming weeks.

In conclusion, the Pink Moon in April 2023 offers us an opportunity to tap into the energy of renewal, balance, and harmony. By focusing on forgiveness, communication, and teamwork, we can strengthen our relationships and manifest our intentions for personal growth and healing. So take some time to connect with the energy of the Pink Moon and allow it to guide you on your spiritual journey.

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