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March 2022 Full Moon in Virgo

March 2022 Full Moon in Virgo

I love a good Full Moon 🌕 don't you? March's Full Worm Moon arrives in Virgo on Friday, March 18th. This powerful moon will reach peak illumination at 3:20 am EST on Friday, so you can begin to tap into its power on Thursday night. Really you could have started harnessing the power on Tuesday since it's available 3 days before and 3 days after.

The name Worm Moon comes from the idea of earthworms and larvae emerging in the spring soil. This full moon in Virgo provides the perfect opportunity for some spring cleaning before the season changes. It’s time to release what’s holding you back from your dreams.

Working with the energy of this moon will help you to bring more balance in your life by addressing how your current programming & habits have influenced your current place in life. The position of this moon supplies us with the strength and consistency to move forward in a way that we haven’t been able to in some time.

This moon will also help to shed light on our anxieties, habits, worries, and fears, while the Pisces sun helps us to clearly see our dreams. This provides the perfect opportunity for us to create more balance in our lives.

The Full Moon 🌕 in Virgo is giving you an opportunity to reflect. Check in with yourself regarding how you have been surviving and existing during the last couple years of this pandemic. Sit with your thoughts during this Full Moon. It will give you ample time to study your actions. Have you picked up some bad habits, fears or ways of living? What needs to change? The time is now!

Full Moons are a time for releasing, take a cleansing bath, smudge your space, and burn a white candle with the intention to start the new year fresh.


A full moon is the perfect time for charging your crystals and performing a manifestation ritual! It doesn't have to be anything in depth, it can be as simple as smudging your home with sage (You can grab our Smudge Kit here), lighting some candles and taking a spiritual bath! Make sure you remember to put your crystals in the windowsill or outside on the back porch so that they can absorb the powerful full moon energy after you've cleansed them!


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