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First Full Moon of 2022

First Full Moon of 2022

If you've felt like, what was supposed to be our fresh start to the new year has been slow dragging & lolly gagging, you're not alone. With Venus currently in retrograde until January 29 and Mercury Retrograde from January 14 to February 3, the stars are saying we think it's best y'all sat down somewhere and reflect before diving head first into 2022.

Our first full moon of the year will peak at 6:48 EST and shine brightly in the sky on Monday January 17, 2022. Called a Full Wolf Moon, positioning in the sign of Cancer this full moon will empower you to take charge & get your shit together.

Full moon energy can cause some unruly behavior in folks so beware. The energy of this moon will encourage you to find the ideal work-life balance. Cancer full moons force you to recognize and work through your emotions. They offer up an innate go-getter energy that makes it possible to actually execute.

In summary the January 2022 full moon relates to understanding your emotional compulsions and deeply buried feelings, helps you to balance work and life, empowers you to execute based on your intentions and can really change your life.

Now don't get caught up in all this energy and astrology and forget about your monthly ritual! Remember to smudge your home, refresh your altars and set your intentions for the month ahead. Full moon energy is present beginning 3 days before the moon reaches its peak and lingers 3 days after it begins to wane so you have a full 7 days on which you can harness and use this energy.

A full moon is the perfect time for charging your crystals and performing a manifestation ritual! It doesn't have to be anything in depth, it can be as simple as smudging your home with sage (You can grab our Smudge Kit here), lighting some candles and taking a spiritual bath! Make sure you remember to put your crystals in the windowsill or outside on the back porch so that they can absorb the powerful full moon energy after you've cleansed them!

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