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Healing Oracle Crystal Readings

Healing Oracle Crystal Readings

Today I did an Oracle Reading for one of my cousins. Naturally she was a little skeptical asking, "so how do you know how to read these cards?" LOL

I told her that the cards sense her energy, they hear her thoughts and are aware of the issue she is asking guidance for. More importantly, no matter how much we shuffle the cards or how random our selection, the cards pulled will be the exact cards she needs to see and receive messages from.

As a Card Reader it is my job to interpret the card meanings, the connections between them and also listen for the message from Spirit to be conveyed.

Although the idea of pulling cards seems totally random, I guarantee you it is not. Each card pulled will have a specific message for you and it is not coincidental. There are times however when the cards will have a message for you unrelated to your question or concern. In these cases we accept the message as a gift that the message they have for you is more important than the issue you want to know more about in this moment.

As I proceeded to clear our space with a small stick of Palo Santo, I lit candles for our protection and prepared our space for the work to commence. While preparing, I allowed her to shuffle the deck and think about her issue. What question did she have? What did she want guidance on today?

After she shuffled the deck, we pulled cards using the Crystal Cross Guidance Layout. This is a layout of 6 cards in the shape of a cross that provides guidance on a current situation. The layout then proceeds to show us the underlining influence, what you are already aware of, what is required to move forward and the potential outcome. The last card is a blessing and message from the Spirits of the Crystals.

The first card pulled was Stibnite (Conflict). Without going into detail, I'm sure she became a believer after turning over the first card. It truly embodied her current situation as she is dealing with both an external and several internal conflicts. Her question was in search of an answer to a question to which she is conflicted about internally.

The rest of the reading went in a similar fashion. Card after card, they were all on point, they were all relevant. Together the cards and I gave her the answers she was desperately seeking as well as provided some enlightenment and confirmation that she is truly in the right place at the right time.

If you or someone you know is interested in a Crystal Reading but skeptical of Tarot, please reach out. The decks I use for my readings are chosen specifically to always provide guidance through unconditional love and positive vibes!

If Tarot is more your speed or you are genuinely interested in a Tarot reading, we do those as well by request!

Love & Light

The Regal Phoenix

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