How to Store Your Crystals

How to Store Your Crystals

We received a comment under one of our TikTok post to do a video on how to store your crystals! Here is our answer!

There is no one particular way to store your crystals! Since they are your babies you can store them however you like but here are just a few ways that we store ours.

We use Selenite bowls that come in various shapes to store a lot of our crystals. Selenite bowls are made from pure selenite and will cleanse your crystals of all negative energy. They are perfect for storing, cleansing and charging your gemstones.

We purchase special bowls from places like Dollar Tree and our favorite metaphysical stores to store them in as well.

We include a storage bag with all of our crystal kits for our customers so that they can carry their stones with them and we also sell Dope Vibes pouches perfect for crystal storage.

Last but not least some crystals are actually large enough to stand alone. You can use them as decor and place them around your home as you please!


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