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Is Your Spiritual Hygiene on Point?

OK y’all so yesterday I went live on Facebook talking about spiritual hygiene. Because let's face it, you can't really manifest much if yo energy is musty!

If you want to check out the live you can find it here:

Initially I started the conversation talking about energetically cleansing your home, the spaces you occupy, your aura, your children’s aura and your workplace.

I explained that you should use White Sage because it’s going to cleanse the energy and the air in your house and I reminded y'all to open the windows and doors to release the dense energy and bring in some fresh air.

Burning Palo Santo or Sweet Grass afterward will bring the good energy back into your space or some intention based incense can be used after as well 🫶🏽

But the most important aspect of this live was me telling them and you....

Don’t just stop at cleansing your space!

You need to cleanse your friend group too! You know some of those folks you hang around are low vibrational. You know they have bad intentions and keep up bullshit but you overlook it bc y’all cool or because they haven't done no fucked up stuff to you.... yet! Ask me how I know!

Some people try to use the fact that they regularly cleanse their space as an excuse to continue to hang around and spend time with low vibrating people.

I’m sorry to tell you, that if you are serious about vibing high…. You need to know that high frequencies and low frequencies cannot occupy the same space.

It’s levels to this shit and people can absolutely block your blessings and you don’t even know it because you choose to be blind to who they truly are.

Choose your friends wisely dear ones. Everyone is not meant to go on this journey with you.

This is your confirmation to let them go. You know who too! Their journey with you ends here and it’s ok.

It’s time for you to make room, in order to do so you must let go.....

This is also good Spiritual Hygiene.

So after you Smudge your home this week and add that dab of Florida water to your clothes in the wash, make sure you protect yourself from low vibing individuals. Self Care is Spiritual too. You may not be able to Manifest your dreams until you do....

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