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It's Gemini Season! Here's your outlook for the month!

It's Gemini Season! Here's your outlook for the month!

Happy Solar Return dear Geminis! The month of May should have started off relatively normal for you but just as the sun enters your sign, following it we have a powerful Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius occurring on May 26th and then Mercury goes retrograde on May 29th. Eclipse energy is extremely powerful so expect major changes to happen specifically in the areas of family, career and finance! Basically all areas of your life will be affected in this season. But don't panic! Eclipse energy is associated with the path of your destiny so be sure to observe all of the chaos and positivity happening in your life right now! There's sure to be both with all of this planetary energy happening right now!

Remember Mercury Retrograde affects communication, contract negotiations and technology and since it also happens to be your planetary ruler, it will ask you to look at the situations occurring in your life right now from a different perspective. There may be people and situations that resurface from your past at this time. Allow this
opportunity for healing to bless you so that you can move forward with your goals and achieve your destiny and don't forget to rest! Take every opportunity to rest!

If you need assistance with processing this extreme energy or clearing your space, our Gemini Kit will help to balance the dualities of your sign and also assist you with your healing. Don't forget to also get your Smudge Kit, to cleanse the energy in your space or home as well as your crystals before you charge them.

Happy Healing!

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