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Learning to trust my INTUITION during readings...

Learning to trust my INTUITION during readings...

Intuition is a gift from the Creator. A gift that although we are born with it, it takes years for us to pay attention to and eventually begin to trust it. As for me, I have been intuitive my whole life, seeing the answers to questions in my mind, also knowing the answers to questions without any prior knowledge of a situation or person, the answers have always just come to me naturally.

Until recently, I've always trusted my intuition, because honestly, it has yet to be proven wrong. But yesterday during a reading, I held back because I didn't trust what was being intuitively given to me by Spirit. I think I was also a little afraid because the message that needed to be delivered was one that may have caused my client pain that I wasn't sure she was ready to heal in case it was true.

Without going into too much detail, one of the cards I pulled was Rose Quartz, which is related to the inner child. When I picked up this card I immediately sensed that there had been some childhood trauma with the mother and that maybe an Uncle had tried to molest her. I did not mention these details to my client specifically but I did tell her that there are some old wounds she needs to heal with family members. I also told her that I understand if it's difficult to talk about but it's absolutely imperative that she heals herself in order to move forward and progress in her life.

Today, I was given confirmation that once again my intuition was right. The message given to me by Spirit, although painful, needed to be delivered in order for her to heal. Thankfully, I was able to nudge her in the right direction without opening the wound prematurely.

As with most of my readings, the underlying message given is that you have to do the work in order to heal. If you want a successful career, you must heal your body, mind and soul in order to manifest greatness. If you want a successful relationship, you must heal your body, mind and emotions so that you don't repeat old patterns of survival.

As an intuitive reader, it is my job to help you open the door to your healing. I'm not a psychic by any means but as an Empath with a strong intuitive gift, I can help you unlock the answers you are seeking and provide guidance so that you can achieve peace in your life and become the greatest you, you can be!

Yesterday's reading was not just for my client, it was also for me. I often learn lessons during my readings along with my clients but the lesson for me yesterday was to never second guess Spirit or my Intuition! Don't second guess yours either!

Love & Light,

The Regal Phoenix

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