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Mercury Retrograde Starts Today!

Mercury Retrograde Starts Today!

This particular Mercury Retrograde has been dubbed as not only the worst but the biggest of the year. It is the second of three Mercury Retrogrades scheduled to happen in 2021 and will last until June 22nd.

The planet of communication going retrograde in the sign of Gemini, which is also ruled by Mercury, is bound to uncover secrets and scandals, cause glitches with our technology and of course disrupt our ability to effectively communicate with others! We may have already been experiencing some of these occurrences during the shadow period that happens 2 weeks before the retrograde actually begins. So expect another shadow period after it ends and some of this energy to linger and still effect us.

Some stuff to be aware of and prepare for are misunderstandings within relationships due to the current conjunction with Venus, feeling restless like you're not completing your to-do list fast enough, the urge to gossip in social situations, glitches with technology like lost emails, dropped calls, missing files, you name it so beware!

On June 10 we have a solar eclipse and New Moon in Gemini! This will set the stage for the next chapter of your life so expect sudden changes to come your way and handle them with grace!

Now that you are aware of what this energy brings, you can better prepare yourself to handle it when issues arise or complications show up on your doorstep!

To help yourself stay in control of the energy in your home, grab yourself a Smudge Kit and some Florida Water to keep the vibes in your space chill! Our Essentials Kit has everything you need to clear the vibes in your space and provide you with some crystal protection for yourself to get you through this month!

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