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New Year Rituals for 2022

New Year Rituals for 2022

What are some of your New Year Rituals?

Some of my no-brainers are eating Black Eyed Peas and Fried Chicken on New Years Day, washing all the clothes and cleaning up the house before the new year comes in. Keeping some money in your wallet and in the house, and giving thanks.

What? You didn't realize those things that you do out of tradition or habit handed down to you from your grandparents are rituals? Well I'm here to tell you yes they are, everything down to how they cook in the kitchen and heal using plants. It's all part of the magic our Ancestors possessed!

Story telling and teaching us how to cook and clean was their way of passing down the traditions, the knowledge and the magic. It is up to us to keep those rituals and traditions alive so that we may create the life we want and change the world for our children!

Magic and Mindset is all we need, so let this New Year be your reminder that if you can change your mind you can change your life! The magic is in your mindset and your intentions. The magic is in your frequency. Are your vibes high? Are they positive? Are they dope?

We want to help you raise your vibes and keep them high! We want to help you heal! Here are a few rituals to bring in the new year on a high frequency with great intentions.

    • Tidy Up! The New Year gives us all an opportunity to start anew. A fresh start if you will! Cleaning and decluttering is a perfect way to move old stagnant energy out of your home to make room for new positive energy. Make sure you smudge your home as well! Remember cleanliness is next to Godliness, cleaning is a spiritual act of moving energy. Order our Regal Phoenix Signature Smudge Kit Now!
    • Begin with gratitude. Giving thanks is one of the fastest ways to unlock your magic! Start the year off with a Gratitude Journal. Create a list of things to give thanks for, set intentions and do a few good deeds every day! Our journal can help! Order Unlock Your Magic with Gratitude Now!
    • Release everything that no longer serves you and make room for greatness and abundance. Was there something that didn't go your way in 2021? Don't dwell on it, release it because the Universe has something greater in store for you!

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