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November 2022 Full Moon: Beaver's Moon

November 2022 Full Moon: Beaver's Moon

November’s full Beaver Moon reaches peak illumination in the morning hours of Tuesday, November 8—Election Day! In addition, the Beaver Moon will also be plunged into a total lunar eclipse!

Coupled with the headstrong energy of Taurus, this beaver moon should leave us all feeling empowered. We should be careful however that this strength of will doesn't leave us inflexible. Taurean energy can be powerful but stubborn, and even though ice can be stronger than water, it can also be fragile.

During this beaver moon, we're learning to let go of materialistic possesions and drama. We're elevating to a frequency of appreciating basic values, being calm, and feeling safe and secure.

It will be important for us to set intentions for what we really want to achieve. This beaver moon is giving us a six-month timeframe for manifestation of any intentions we set during this ecliptic cycle.

A Full Moon is a wonderful time to charge your crystals and perform a healing ritual. Even if your view of the Moon is obstructed by clouds, haze, or smog, it's energy still permeates the world and everyone benefits.

You can charge your crystals in the windowsill or backyard, day or night. The moon is always there and will infuse your crystals with powerful moonbeam energy. When you perform a Full Moon Ritual, your entire body receives healing and abundance from the energy.

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