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Summer Solstice 2021

Summer Solstice 2021

The Summer solstice is when the Sun reaches its highest point in the sky and is also the longest day of the year. It also signifies the official beginning of summer, a time that marks the second phase of the Earth’s journey around the Sun, the first phase being the Spring Equinox.

The Sun is that which gives us energy, nourishes our bodies as well as our crops, and also provides light amidst the darkness.

This Summer Solstice also opens a portal within the Universe that we can use to expand our spiritual awareness, integrate the activations and downloads we've been receiving during this eclipse season and also manifest our greatest hopes, dreams and desires. The portal will remain open until the full moon on June 24th and because the veil between realms is thin during this time, it's a great time to tap in to your intuition and use divination to gain clarity and access your downloads.

Here are some ways to align with this day and harness its power and magic to sustain you until the fall:

  • Meditating will help you leverage this evergy
  • Place your crystals out for 30 minutes during the day
  • Be mindful of your thoughts as manifestation happens quickly during this time
  • Avoid processed foods and fast food
  • Practice grounding or just step out into the sunlight
Don't forget to cleanse your crystals before placing them out to charge! You can use our Smudge Kit for cleansing your crystals and your home! We also just added Copper Pyramids to the shop for super powering your charge ups!

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