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That one Spiritual Friend!

That one Spiritual Friend!

Have you ever had an experience you just couldn’t explain? Something out of the ordinary, magical, mystical, spiritual or even supernatural?

But then you realized you had no one to talk to about it bc no one believes in the metaphysical….

It could have been anything, sensing the energy shift in a room, seeing a spirit or a demon, feeling the presence of your Ancestors, hearing ringing in your ears or messages seemingly drop into your spirit out of no where…

You are definitely not alone in having these experiences, but what I realized about my gifts and my position here on earth is that I am that one Spiritual Friend for a great many people and it is an honor to hold that position in someone's life because it truly can be transformative and life changing.

Y’all cannot imagine how many times a week someone tells me…

OMG I need to talk to you about something. You’re the only person who will understand, or you’re the only person who won’t think I’m weird or crazy 🥴 or you’re my only “Spiritual Friend”.

That last part, I have heard more times than I can count in the past 6 months but just recently I finally had the revelation that I was under estimating my place in people's lives. I'm use to being the "only spiritual friend", the friend that's "into crystals", or the friend that's "into Hoodoo", the Reiki Master friend, the weird friend. That's naturally who I am. I've always been genuinely me and this is how people have always referred to me.

But now that I own and operate a Spiritual Business, I've come to realize that I am that one Spiritual Friend for a lot of my customers & clients too!

Many of my customers are new to exploring and researching healing crystals, some of them are new to exploring the idea of Spirituality and what it means if you're a Christian, Muslim or Catholic. I knew that many of my customers where "newbies" so to speak, but honestly, I hadn't thought about who did they have to talk to?

Who do you discuss these new ideas with? Who do you share the amazing findings you come across or the miraculous experiences you have when you shift your energy?

How do you continue the journey when your family is against it and calls you weird or crazy? When no one in your inner sphere of influence is spiritual or when no one else believes in Spirits or venerating their Ancestors. How do you remain consistent, when the path seems so lonely?

You can always shoot me an email at

When you need support or a listening ear, you can book a call with me at, you will speak with me directly and you can use your time however you see fit so that it supports your healing.  

You can also join our community on Patreon; Healing Trauma is Ghetto, there is a free option and a paid option which also allows you to take part in Sunday Service which is our weekly group Reiki and Sound Healing service via Zoom.

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