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    About Regal Phoenix

    Our love for healing crystals started over a decade ago, before Regal Phoenix was born into the online shop community. We’ve always known magic is everywhere, and the power of crystals couldn’t be denied when they’ve helped heal us at every low and supported us through every high.


    We knew we couldn’t keep the power of crystals to ourselves, so we began gifting them to friends, family, and colleagues. Before long, everyone around us were experiencing healing powers and alignment. But we couldn’t stop there.


    If our inner circles could realize the power in these healing gifts, then we imagined how amazing it would be to open that possibility up to the rest of the world.


    We believe everyone is a healer inside. We just want to help others recognize their own power.


    Exploring the metaphysical realm can be an overwhelming experience when you’re beginning, especially not knowing which products to choose to try out. It’s our promise to you that all our products are 100% natural and hold the best properties for healing and alignment. There’s no second guessing when the crystals come straight from the earth itself. If you’re looking to test out the basics, we’re happy to offer you an essentials kit filled with everything you need to start your inner-healer journey.


    We are proud to offer crystal prescriptions for common issues such as anxiety, weight loss, fertility, lack of money, insomnia and more.

    Thank you for including The Regal Phoenix in your healing crystal journey. We’re so excited to share our gifts to help you discover your inner healer by unlocking your magic and manifest your best life!

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    The Myth of the Regal Phoenix! (How we got our name!)

    • 2 min read

    The Phoenix is a mythical sacred firebird that can be found in the mythologies of the Egyptians, Native Americans, Greeks, Arabians, Persians, Romans, Chinese, Hindu, and more.

    In ancient Egyptian mythology and in myths that originated from it, the mythical Phoenix is a sacred female firebird with beautiful red and gold feathers, the color of the rising Sun. Said to live for over 500 years, at the end of its life-cycle the Phoenix builds itself a nest of cinnamon twigs before it bursts into flames; both the nest and the Phoenix burn fiercely and are subsequently reduced to ashes from which a new baby Phoenix arises.  

     Originally, the Phoenix was identified by the Egyptians as a heron-like bird called a Bennu,known from the Book of the Dead.In other Egyptian texts the Phoenix is one of the sacred symbols of worship at Heliopolis,  it was often associated with the rising sun and the Egyptian sun-god Ra.

     Modern additions to the myth in popular culture say the tears of the Phoenix have great healing powers, and if the Phoenix is nearby one cannot tell a lie.

     The embodiment of life, death and rebirth, the Phoenix represents the idea that the end is only the beginning. The Phoenix symbolizes renewal and resurrection, death and new life, overcoming darkness and rising more powerful than before.

     Being a Scorpio I closely relate with the symbolism and magical energy of the Phoenix. Scorpio signs often reinvent themselves through growth and change constantly. Life for us is a continuous cycle of death and rebirth. Possessing the gift of healing only adds to the correlation which is how I decided on the name The Regal Phoenix for my crystal shop!

     What started as just a simple crystal collection grew into a spiritual journey for myself, so that I could become a better person, mother, daughter, friend etc. It has now grown into a beautiful path that involves aiding in the healing of my friends, clients and customers through crystals, tarot readings and providing metaphysical supplies.

    I hope that you see something in our shop that you like and decide to take us along on your journey!

    Shop Now! www.theregalphoenix.com

    Love & Light!

    The Regal Phoenix