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Where did The Regal Phoenix®️ come from?

Where did The Regal Phoenix®️ come from?

I created The Regal Phoenix crystal shop during a time in my life where I thought things couldn’t get any worse. In my mind I was at rock bottom and God had forgotten about me.

I was newly married, just had a baby, my grown kids were getting into trouble, life was just life-ing left and right. Postpartum depression set in for the 4th time in my life and it took me about a year to decide to do something about it.

The Regal Phoenix was born from both a moment of despair and a need to replace income, that led to massive action!

After my Husband told me he loved me more than I loved myself, my sister-in-love telling me to figure out who I was as a new wife & mom and my friends telling me to sell my precious crystals and loose gemstones to earn money, I finally got sick of my own shit!

You see, healing crystals and gemstones have always been apart of my life ever since I was younger. I had used them in the past to manifest money and improve my creativity but during my low season I wasn’t really focused on my crystals or my spirituality. However deciding to go back to the basics is exactly what brought me out of my postpartum depression and helped me to change my life!

Before launching The Regal Phoenix, I had to heal myself in several areas. I had anxiety from a car accident I had while 31 weeks pregnant, I needed to lose the baby weight to feel better about my appearance, I needed to manifest some money and I needed to fall back in love with myself.

These were the first crystal prescriptions I had created to help heal my issues. These prescriptions also became the first crystal kits I offered in my online crystal shop! The Anxiety Kit, The Money Kit, The Weight Loss Kit and The Love Kit.

Although I initially didn’t want to sell loose gemstones or crystals or sage, I did it anyway LOL It is a topic I am well versed in and I knew they worked and could help other women transform their lives!

So here we are 5 years later, still selling healing crystals and metaphysical supplies but we have grown to also offer Reiki and Sound-baths, we have created The Regal Phoenix School of Energy to teach the traditional Usui Reiki method and this year we will began hosting Healing retreats for our community!

I am so excited about what’s in store for my brand, I just wanted to share with you all how it began and why this brand is essential for women looking for a way to transform their lives and create a new normal. 

So, if you are a woman ready to heal from trauma and rise from the ashes by taking charge of your life and putting yourself first, you’ve arrived in the right place. I have the tools, and the knowledge to help you tap into your own power, take back control of your energy and vibrate at a frequency that frees you.

If you’re ready to ascend into the highest version of yourself, meet me at and select the service that aligns with your spirit so I can show you how 🫶🏽


P.S. Follow my new Podcast Healing Trauma is Ghetto to travel on this healing journey with me and be inspired to transform your life in the process.

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