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Crystal Grid Cloth

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Crystal Grids are a powerful way to harness the energy of crystals, sacred geometry and the universal life force to accomplish your goals and live your dreams. They are an excellent gift for both the complete newbie and the seasoned veteran.

Crystal grids are created by placing healing crystals in a geometric pattern to direct energy towards a specific goal or purpose. The crystals are then activated with your intention and energy. Crystal grid layouts have the potential to be more powerful than working with a single stone, helping to manifest your goals and intentions much faster.

The energy of the crystals, the geometric pattern and your intention all work together to manifest your goal. When you are in vibrational alignment with your intentions, deep healing and manifestation can occur! The combinations of crystal grids are endless—whatever your goal is, you can create a powerful combination of crystals to hold your intention and manifest it.

Our Crystal Grid Cloths are 100% cotton Muslin, with an organic shaped hemline & are approximately 8” x 8” in size. The sacred geometry is printed with vinyl.

Each grid cloth is activated through sound medicine and cleansed and charged by a new or full moon and crafted with prayer and positive intentions. Crystals must be purchased separately.


Flower of Life - Beginning *Completion *Balance

Seed of Life - Strength *Balance *Regeneration

Sri Yantra - Unity *Balance *Wholeness

Things you will need for your crystal grid:

  • A center crystal (preferably a point or tower)
  • Surrounding stones
  • Crystal point for activation
  • A location for your keeping your grid safe
  • A piece of paper to write your intention

How to Make Your Crystal Grid:

1. Cleanse your space by burning Sage or Palo Santo

2. Fold your written intention and place it in the center of your crystal grid.

3. Breathe deeply. State your intention aloud.

4. Set up the surrounding stones in your crystal grid layout, moving from the outside to the inside. Place your center crystal last, on top of your written intention.

5. Activate your grid with your crystal point. Take your crystal point in your hand, and starting from the outside, moving in a clockwise motion, draw an invisible line energetically connecting each stone; like connecting the dots when you were a kid. You can repeat your intention aloud if you would like while doing this.

6. You can add candles, other crystals or music around your crystal grid to create an altar. Listen to your intuition and leave your crystal grid up for as long as it feels right. We recommend leaving it up for 7 days at least!

Crystal Care

  • Cleanse and program before use
  • Carry with you daily
  • Maintenance instructions included