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The Regal Phoenix

Lucky Crystal Scoop

Lucky Crystal Scoop

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This is Crystal Confetti, also known as Lucky Scoops, which are scoops of random raw & tumbled stones. Every scoop contains authentic, genuine, and beautiful stones from our store.

When you get Crystal Confetti, you’re getting the stones the Universe intends for you. Think of it as the Universe giving you the crystals that you need right now.

They are also known as Lucky Scoops because the ones chosen for you are said to be your lucky stones. They are pulled out just for you and drawn to your energy.

Each bag contains various small, medium, and large tumbled stones. You will receive approximately 10 – 15 stones. No special requests. Please note, you may receive duplicates of the same stone. All stones are natural and genuine.

If you get an extra surprise, share it on IG or TikTok & tag us @theregalphoenix! 💖

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