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The Regal Phoenix

Regal Phoenix Smudge Kit

Regal Phoenix Smudge Kit

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Regal Phoenix Smudge Kit, Home and Energy Cleansing Kit (White Sage Bundle, Sweet Grass, Feather, Shell & Stand) Smudging Kit

Are you looking to cleanse your home or office of negative energy? This smudge kit is just what you need!

It includes a white sage bundle, sweet grass, feather, abalone shell, and stand -

everything you need to perform a traditional Native American smudging ceremony.

Smudging is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to cleanse homes, buildings, and even people of negative energy. If you're feeling stuck, blocked creatively, or generally "off, "smudging can help you get back on track.

This Smudge kit makes it easy to get started with smudging. The white sage bundle can be used to cleanse your space of negative energy, while the sweet grass is used to bring the good sweet energy back into your home. The feather can be used to waft the smoke around, and the abalone shell can be used to catch any ashes.

So why wait? Get this kit today and start enjoying the benefits of smudging!

Kit Includes:

- Medium White Sage Bundle

- Sweet Grass Braid

- Feather for guiding smoke

- Medium Sea Shell for ashes

- Stand

Detailed instructions for smudging your home or space can be found here:

How to smudge your home with The Regal Phoenix Smudge Kit

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